V3 Inverted pedals & brake performance kit

I recently bought the V3 inverted pedals. Initially, I didn't know that the Brake Performance Kit wasn't necessary when the damper was installed, so I bought the kit anyway. After trying to adjust the damper in several ways, I still can't get a good feel on the brake. I don't know, I find the feel... weird. Is anyone else in the same situation? I'm considering removing the damper (and possibly putting it on the gas pedal ?) and installing the Brake Performance Kit instead. For those who have done it what do you think? Is the effort worth it?

Thank you.


  • David DeGreefDavid DeGreef Member
    edited November 2023

    I installed the damper kit on the throttle, and the BPK only for the brake. I have enjoyed each immensely as the throttle control is such that it seems as I can feather it to a finer degree.

    The BPK I find all aspects of braking to be improved from trail braking to applying heavy pressure yet still avoiding lock ups.

    V3 owner 6 years and BPK/Damper Kit 1 year since install

    Good luck.

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