Load cell Clubsport pedal V3

Where can I find the load cell to change this pedal?


  • Contact Fanatec through support email and they can sell you one.

    They don't list the load cell on their website.

  • did they contact you back? I have the same issue, uneven brake when pressing the pedal.

    Did contact Fanatec 7 days ago e-mailing to customer support and technical support, including video of the issue, but have had no reply. I don't want them to spoil the fun of racing in a limited amount of time I have, so I'll buy some other pedals.

    I'm 100% certain it's against the EU regulations to withheld right to repair for purchased products within 7 years, so I don't know why they enforce a policy like this. I'm not spending my time or money on irresponsible and greedy companies like Fanatec

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