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Hello @fanatec, why do you need Live Chat if no one has responded for weeks, you can connect 100 times a day and wait for a consultant, but it makes no sense because no one responds on the other side anyway. massacre.


  • They are receiving about a million emails and chats from inpatient people that keep spamming them, and you expect a small team to be able to handle this? "Just hire more people" Yeah it does not work like this... Just be patient people and everything will be fine, if you ordered and you paid, i'm sure you will get your stuff...

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    That’s not so easy like you think. A lot of us are afraid of wordless canceled orders with no reason and we need answers. And nobody give us the answers. And when just 1 person work at the email backlog, is this pretty much too less. They have to hire up more people to solve this backlog which is existing for years.

    yes, a lot of people are impatient and spamming, which is the wrong way. But there are a lot of people with real questions and strange things in their account and need help for this but they didn’t get some. You have to wait for months in some cases and the money is gone for this time.

    so understanding for Fanatec is right and good, but you have to have also understanding for the customers, which didn’t get any help for weeks and months.

  • And the email problem is also homemade. The live chat doesn’t work and the hotline was deactivated. So the only way to contact Fanatec is the email. So there is no miracle that the backlog is growing and growing. This will never stop until they hire more people or a company for that. They making money enough for hire a company which working on the backlog within a week. But they have to and didn’t ignore that.

  • What am I being thanked for again?

    Can you imagine calling?

    Hello, this is the Fanatec hotline, currently all our agents are with other callers. Current wait time is 14 days, please hold.

  • Man, imagine that I'm stubborn, I live in Poland, next door to Fanatec's headquarters, I know a bit of German, so I thought, I'll call ;). I called all week, hanging on the line for several hours... no one answered, it's easier to call the deceased than to call Fanatec customer service, similar situation with live chat, you can try dozens of times a day when it's available, but no one answers I connected. This is total mockery, but let's be brave ;). My colleague's arguments about a small company are completely unwise to me, a small company does not have a global reach, etc.

  • yeah i have been waiting for 2.5 months now and they only contacted me once to tell me my wheel and base was lost(1.5 months ago).

    then i get a auto response saying the backlog is fixed and i need to send another mail that they will reply to in 3-5 days i have been waiting hoping for a response but it has been 13 days scince the auto response mail.

    i am getting so angry with fanatec support ITS STUFF WORTH OVER 500 EUROS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AND THEY CANT EVEN REPLY TO A MAIL.

    so everyone that sees this please cancel youre fanatec order and buy a MOZA RACING wheel the support is infinitly better and the quality of the base is the same.

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