Deadzone on CSL pedals

I have a Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base , Mclaren GT3 + CSL pedals (Accelerator/Brake)

I cannot set a deazone on the pedals, but I watched a youtube review of the same setup (except he had the CSL Pedals LC) during the review he showed the pedals page in the Fanatec Control panel and I saw this :

I do not have those options..

I have 2 theories as to why

1: my drivers or control panel are messed up somehow ( 1 time the control panel was convinced I had a belt drive base and I had to do a fresh install) But that would mean every single update and reinstall of the drivers ive done over the 15 months has also been messed up and that seems unlikely.

2: I don't have a loadcell brake this also seems unlikely as why would I need a loadcell brake pedal to put a deadzone on the throttle pedal.

Can someone tell me how I get those pedal calibration options

Thanks in advance....


  • Pedals can only be calibrated when you have a Load Cell Kit added as that one has the needed electronics.

    Without an LC the pedals can not be calibrated.

  • At least I know how to do it thanks..

    but I dont buy your explanation, your telling me a game developer can put a deadzone on your pedals but you the people who make the pedals need electronics to be able to do the same thing

    read the pedal position (i know this doesnt need electronics because it's displayed in the control panel)

    ignore any value less than X and greater than Y (where x and why are numbers entered into the control panel via a slider)

    At least be honest about it...

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