CSL Clutch Pedal recognized as button in games

Hi everyone,

I have a CSL DD 8Nm with CSL Pedals. After updating firmware, driver v454 and fanalab v2.01.12 games recognize clutch as a button instead of a pedal. There is no traveling in games but on Fanatec APP it works just fine. Couldn't find any solution for days. Any help?


  • edited December 2023

    Update: I rolled back to older driver versions as 451, 452 but it is still the same. No clutch pedal in games. It got even worse, now steering wheel doesn't register around 30 degrees from the center to the right and wheel stays 30 degrees on right hand side as centered in games. Everything looks still fine and well calibrated on fanatec app until I launch a game. I think latest firmware update killed my wheel. How can I revert firmware? I can't use my Fanatec products which I've bought 2 months ago.. It is totally useless now. It is really unbelievable. I hope I don't need to wait 100 years too for an answer from FANATEC! 😤

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