Can the Clubsport Pedals V3 Brake Performance Kit reduce required pressure?

I own the Clubsport Pedals V3 and love them. However, after a recent surgery, I should limit the burden on the foot to approximately 20 kg. The doctor said driving with the pedals is fine, and actually encouraged me to use the leg, just not put too much pressure on it for now.

I have already re-configured the pedals physically (adjusted screw to minimum stiffness/hardness so I can only see 1 filled square) and in the Fanatec Control Panel software, by using the Manual Calibration Mode. This is working nicely, and I can brake without applying too much pressure.

However, while the pressure is being detected perfectly (I have less dynamic range of course), I feel that the pedal is so stiff that I now have almost zero feedback from 'distance traveled' by the brake pedal. Or put another way: the pedal does hardly move at all now when I press it. While this may be realistic for race cars, it feels strange to me.

So my question is: could I improve this situation by buying/installing the Brake Performance Kit for the pedals? I read it is for making pedals even harder, but comes with lots of potential settings. So, my question could also be put as: is the softest setting available with the kit softer than what I have without the kit?

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  • Hey Tim, as Henrique mentioned, Brake Perf. Kit will not help you in your case. BPK only provide more stiffer option than the stock V3 setup.

    Couple of suggestions:

    1) When calibrating your V3 pedal = a) in Fanatec software, don't press your brake hard to set max, put comfortable 100% brake pressure you would normally use then set max (again, don't stomp on the brake and set max). Then b) dial/adjust fanatec wheel BRK option menu to your steering wheel to even lower your brake sensitivity (i.e. 100% = same max you set in fanatec software, 10% = softest setting).

    2) As an alternative option... rather than BPK purchase, maybe purchase Clubsport standard non-LC pedal as an option? those are way softer than LC so may help with your situation

    Best of luck!

  • Tim SchäferTim Schäfer Member
    edited December 2023

    Thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions, Henrique and Tae.

    @Tae Yoo: I have already done the first part of what you suggest under 1a), i.e., I set a custom max value that is acceptable for me.

    I will definitely investigate you suggestion 1b), I did not know that one can further adjust something on the wheel. I guess I will have to plug the pedals into the wheelbase for that to work, as they are currently connected to my PC via USB, as the RJ12 cable that came with the pedals is too short to comfortably fit into the wheel base (I am tall with long legs, and my desk is a bit special). I guess it should work to connect via RJ12, reconfigure, and then put it back to USB. Otherwise I would need to get a longer RJ12 cable first.

    Otherwise I will just live with the current situation (it's for a limited amount of time anyways, until the leg is fine again), and maybe just get used to the 'pressure only' feedback.

    Thanks again,


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