How to get Force Feedback in the Clubsport Pedals V3 in AMS2?

Hey guys, question as above. The pedals work fine, however, I get no vibration.

Furthermore, are there any recommended settings once the vibration works?


  • Check the Systems Tab in AMS2 and make sure Telemetry is set to Project Cars 2, 1, Project Cars 2. I wear shoes on V3's so i can hardly feel the motors, but I do thing it sends it out by telemetry? I could be wrong.

  • are you have fanalab on when drive and in fanalab must be enabled vibration what you need?

  • I did not have fanalab on, I did not know that I need it. What Fanalab settings for vibrations are recommended with regard to the pedals?

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    fanalab is a sister driver of Fanatec, which controls various parameters and you can adjust bases, steering wheels, pedals. vibrations are adjusted via fanalab. you can adjust the vibration, abs, lockup and more to your liking. I don't know the ams2 game, so I don't know what it supports. but install fanalab and discovered everything.

    be careful installing fanalab. must match the Fanatec driver version.

  • ok smart boy


    it is a tool, software, app. who cares.

    many say it should be integrated into the Fanatec driver. thus everything would be simplified for the users. this is how you install it just like any other application, tool, driver on a PC.

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