Feeling like I'm constantly driving on curbs?

Hi, I just got my csl dd a few days ago, and it feels great in assetto corsa. But in iracing, whenever I start cornering, the ffb feels super notchy, it's hard to describe but it feels as though i am constantly running over the rumble strips of a curb, except I'm on smooth tarmac. It's super off-putting and I can't understand what (if anything) this is simulating, or if it's an issue with my wheel. Specifically in the mx-5 which is what I usually race, but this feeling is also present in other cars to varying degrees. Running the latest drivers and reccomended settings for iracing. Just looking to get some other people's take on the ffb feeling in iracing, is this behaviour abnormal, or in line with your experiences?



  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited December 2023

    i not even know why anyone like that iracing , its released at year 2008 and not even have weather yet

    but if talk about csl dd then that is either a 5nm or 8nm, it could be that some data is cut out because limitations off the Nm self

  • Mostly just enjoy the good close competitive racing tbh. I've got the 8nm version, but I've got everything set up such that no clipping occurs. Even if it was clipping, that would just result in a smooth holding torque around the corner, not the notchy feeling I am experiencing.

  • well i not know what to say expect that if ac is ok then its issue not comes at csl dd

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