QR2 Pro Difficult to Detach from Podium DD1

Hi I am noticing that if I don’t switch my wheel rims often, the QR2 can be very difficult to disconnect and slide off from the base. Is this normal? I am a bit concerned because last time this happened to me with the QR1 it yanked my DD1’s guts out. Is it recommended to not leave the same wheel rim connected to your base indefinitely? I’m attaching picture of what happened last time a wheel got stuck and was difficult to remove, hoping this won’t happene again with the QR2 system. Thanks


  • My QR2 works flawlessly. I now switch from GT to Round wheel a few times a week and in the middle of games if I want. It's pretty nice.

    I do leave a single wheel on for a week or so sometimes. But so far I have had no issues with it not detaching or attaching as intended.

    I had lots of issues with my QR1, but nothing like what your image shows. It was just difficult to remove the wheel sometimes.

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    FWIW, I have the gold Pro QR2 on one wheel and the Lite on another wheel. The Pro slides off and on without much trouble. The lite take a LOT of force to take off.

  • Interesting. I dont mind the extra tug to get it off so long as it does not pull the plastic pin receiver from the base side qr!

  • The pro has a special coating on it to allow it to slide better. But the lite shouldnt need that much more force to slide on/off. maybe theres an issue with the spring/collar and its not releasing the 'clamp'/pin/whatever holds the QR2 in place

  • Everything is good. Just comparing it to the Pro it's just a bit tougher to get off. No big deal though.

  • The black plastic internal pin connector on the gold QR1 has plastic locking tabs that appear to be broken or worn down on your DD1, hence it keeps pulling out. Has nothing to do with wheels that stick on the outer faces of the QR. Maybe fix it with epoxy glue.

    On the new QR2 you might try lubing the outside with lithium grease. The QR2 pin connector locking tabs are probably more durable than the gold QR1 from Fanatecs 2 year testing

  • Yeah and this was designed and posted as just a question, not really a complaint. QR2 is the most solid QR I have ever tested. But perhaps if it continues with this particular QR2 I could return under warranty. I have 3 wheels currently with QR2 pro and only one "sticks"

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    I just got a Type "M" for my DD1 with 4 QR2 Pros and 2 QR2 Standards myself so it was good to see some feedback since I'm busy with other life matters at the moment and can't try them out.

    Anybody try lithium grease or somebody from Fanatec care to offer some advice for sticking QR2's?

  • I would not add any grease unless Fanatec advises to do so

  • Per Fanatec you are not use any lube of any kind on the QR2.

    If you have one QR2 out of three that is harder to detach from the base than the other two, this would indicate a machining tolerance issue with the "sticky" QR2 and you should contact Fanatec to start an RMA on it and get another one.

    I have three standard QR2s and they all release from my QR2 base the same.

    They all are slightly tight on the release ring but once the ring depresses, the wheel comes off with little effort.

  • Hi Jon,

    You have a link to Fanatec no lube recommendation?

    Reason I thought it might be OK is the QR1's are lubed with Lithium from the factory. At least it could be cleaned off if it was the wrong thing to do.

  • Forum admin Maurice said it in one of his posts here on the forums (cannot remember which threat/post it was).

    It also says it in the QR2 base side install manual (see attached).

    Only the QR2 Pro has ultra-low-friction PTFE coating.

    It is not lube wiped on but a coating impregnated into the internal surface of the QR2.

    Again, if one of QR2s is harder to release from the same base QR2 than the others, this would indicate a manufacturing tolerance issue with that QR2 and you should RMA if for another one.

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