Any wheels come with QR2?

I'm looking to order a club sport DD wheel base and a wheel to go with it.. appears that many wheels come with QR1 so I need to order a QR2 wheel side connector in addition which is rather annoying.. no bundles and no wheels being sold with QR2 at all? Very annoying.


  • I like their products ,but truth is they are so arrogant and cocky they hate their customers and are thieves. From 20 years with their products , I can tell you that is a fact.

  • @Duncan Atkinson

    No, you dont have to!

    If you put a Wheel to your shoping Card you can choose which QR you wanna have included.

  • it's all a big scam about QR2 which has been waiting for more than 2 years.

    he finally comes and then they ask for ridiculously high amounts of money for him. that in the end the naive would go buy it, but in the end they don't have enough produced QR2s.

    to make matters even more absurd, they offer steering wheels for sale but do not have QR1 or QR2 for them.

    Fan SCAM!

  • High ammount of Money for the QR2?

    I bought my QR1 WS about 2 years ago for 99,95 €, so the same price i've now paid for the QR2 WS.

  • a troll is anyone who tells the truth. yeah for sure.

    the one who lies, hides and conceals for him all the trolls who oppose them

    and you are unfortunately an arrogant conceited little mouse who serves the big boss who is now laughing at everyone.

  • 👉️

  • "Trolling describes the act of posting harassing and humiliating comments on social media platforms to elicit a negative response from one or more recipients. Usually, the person trolling is looking to disrupt a conversation — sometimes for the sheer sake of it and other times to target a particular person or group."

    If I owned this company, I would have banned the person in question from the forum and refused purchase of Fanatec products.

  • when someone handles the facts, it hurts some people, so they think we are trolls. let Fanatec hurt, it will hurt more and more for all these problems it created for us!

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