WTS Fanatec CSL Pedals [UK] Two Pedal Set

I just bought a R2R set which to include the discount had to include base, wheel and pedals. I don't need the pedals as my wife has bought me an elite v2 set for Christmas which are sat in our bedroom ready for Monday morning. Bad planning I know but it makes the normal CSL two pedal set now up for sale.

If anyone in the UK wants the set (brand new and unopened or maybe be I'll just peek in the box to check they are okay and everything is there) totally new and unused I will be happy to take £79 for them inc. delivery to UK mainland.

Buy them new from Fanatec and with shipping they are approx. £73.50 plus vat, plus duty so £90+

These should be available in approx two weeks. If interested please contact me.


  • Hi is this still available ?

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    Hey all.

    Well, they took a lot longer than I expected but my R2R bundle finally came. I mean I still can't use it as my hub was broken but the replacement should finally arrive sometime next week.

    Anyway the pedals are now available if anyone wants them for £79.00 delivered to UK Mainland address or collect from South lakes.


    Marcos, I sent you a PM (sorry I missed your post, I thought I would get a notification of some kind but apparently not)

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