Csl elite pedals V2 RJ12 connection problems

Hello, i've just buy a CSL V2 pedals. When i connect them to my pc by using USB to update they work perfectly (update 455) then i plug them to my DD pro base with RJ12 cable (i try with 2 different once) and the pedals doesnt appears. Any sugestions. Thank you.


  • Try going back to the 451 driver and corresponding firmware. There are many complaints about the firmware attached to the 454 and 455 drivers, especially regarding the pedals.

    And above all, don't update the firmware all the time. Only Fanatec makes you update the firmware every time.

    Every time you update your video card or printer drivers, do you also update the firmware? When you try to update the firmware of any non-Fanatec product, a warning appears that the update is extremely dangerous, and that you should not proceed further unless you have serious malfunctions with the device.

    I know now someone will tell you that updating the firmware is a safe practice nowadays, but that's not the case at all. Do not update firmware if your products are working properly.

  • Thank you Alessandro, i will try right now. Happy new year.

  • It works, thank you very much !!!!!!😀

  • I i have the same problem what have you done, can you help me, many thanks

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