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Dear community,

We’d like to provide you with an update on your ClubSport DD+ order.

It was our anticipation that we would have shipped these orders by now - provided your purchase did not include pre-order items that were not yet in stock. To facilitate this, we had the products transported to our global warehouses via air freight. This worked seamlessly and everything has arrived as expected.

However, we encountered a separate challenge – pending product approval by Sony. The ClubSport DD+ is the first product on the market incorporating Sony’s new security electronics. Consequently, the product approval procedures are comprehensive and time-consuming. Initially we expected to receive this approval sooner. To date, we are still waiting for it, which is why we are currently unable to ship your order.

We hope to have an update on the matter by mid-January and are doing whatever we can to expedite the approval process and deliver this exciting new product to you as quickly as possible. Please note, the product availability date in your Fanatec account is relevant to your shipping date - not the current date online in the shop, which only applies to new orders.

Your Fanatec Team



  • who are you?

    leader of thieves, liars, fraudsters

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    Fanatec Team: could you please provide an update to your customers that have been wating on orders not involving the clubsport dd+?

    I, like many others, am waiting over a month for products that were not "pre-orders". Your customer service department are not replying to email enquiries. This is unacceptable.

  • That‘s James. Names are typically displayed above the comments. Super hard to grasp concept, I know.

  • a fraud like you who defends them, and you yourself are from their team

  • Thank you James, for at least letting us know this while inventory is being done. Will check back in a week in hopes of Sonys approval. fingers crossed 🤞

  • 🤦‍♂️

  • James, You should have never taken our money without having approval from Sony to sell the product. A lot of us now have an entire Fanatec ecosystem with no way to use it. I literally have a $3,000 paper weight sitting in my home.

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    Preordered in october, sold my CSL DD end of november in anticipation for a 12th of dec release, then the delay to the end of 2023 and now this. I can't discribe my disappaintment in words.

  • thank you james for this awnser we were all waiting what was going on with the dd+ orders i hope by half january u can ship the orders out and we will have it soon its just weird this was not seen before and a shame for us the consumers of your products at least we know more now can u keep us updated on this matter and also when u get the approval we would be the first to know

    thank you

  • James,

    Thank you for the update. While I can't speak for others about the delay, it would be helpful to the community to remain transparent on the status and dates as much as possible. Delays and pushbacks without updates to those who have spent thousands of dollars for products without updates can be stressful. Not knowing is so much of the issue related to people being upset with Fanatec along with being transparent about the shipping dates of products we are all waiting on. While not much can be done about the past, moving forward being transparent and honest about the timelines can be huge impacting current and future users of the Fanatec ecosystem. Parts or lack of customer service needs to be moved on and prioritized during these times and provide an opportunity to Fanatec to show customers that they are important to Fanatec.

    I hope that when you shared that everything went as planned about the air shipment of the drives also included that there were no oversells and that those who were able to place a preorder is sure to secure a unit. Confidence in Fanatec is very low right now and standing behind your dates and releases is very important as it can help turn the situation and stop the problem/situation from getting worse.

    Thank you.

  • @James, as a representative of the fans, I think you simply have to discuss the issue of financial compensation for all buyers of DD+ bases with management. And this is not a 5% discount promo code. You took money for a very long time, deceiving your clients. Thepromising to resolve the issue with the corporation in 2 weeks, with a corporation where just a letter between departments can take weeks, this is just a promise. So it’s time to bite the bullet and start counting the losses from selling the first batch.

    I think that the equivalent of 5% of the order amount is a good idea:

    - 6 month subscription to iracing (for any users)

    - GT7 license for playstation

    - A racing game in steam

    You made a mistake by deceiving us; you could very well have set the preorder delivery date for April. Now you need to accept the situation and deal with the consequences, you have kept your head in the sand long enough.

  • I am waiting for my dd gt pro which was in stock as i ordered since 24.11 and im living in germany come one guys langsam reichts! Since it handled to the warehouse 12.12 nothing changed. Move on!

  • It's good to see an update but this info must of been common knowledge from before black ftiday and should of been shared earlier.

    Secondly you should update others that are still waiting on other items.

    My order said ready to ship December 11 but shows order processing still.

    Others had emails informing them off delays while myself and others got no emsils and have to keep checking order status on website and this and other forums for an updated which just non existent

    It's poor and very unexcusable behaviour for any business to behave In this way

  • @james can we have an update for the clubsport DD as well please? Been waiting since October for it and without the need for PS licensing, I don't know understand the delay.

    UK based

    Ordered with McLaren wheel and Qr2

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    I asked you about licensing in December, and I know you have had thousands of posts directed at you, but I'd like to ask you and your team for a bit more clarity.

    Is this issue with Sony a hardware in the base issue? Because if the bases have been shipped to the warehouse already and need to have hardware updates, Fixing them after they've left the factory and in the warehouse is going to create quality issues.

    And if there are any work around to get the bases up to par with what Sony is requesting, that could also affect us users.

    Please give us more details so we can make informed decisions. The speculation has been insane around here.

    Thank you

  • boosted media also in his new vid used the dd+ but he had the qr2 lite on it. wonder of that was to keep the NM down to stop the motor burning that DD users are reporting.

    I find the licensing thing a bit strange giving all the time they have thru developement/testing/marketing to implement the license. I assume they've done it before with Sony on DD pro

    its an absolute shambles

  • that's how it is when you sell a product that is defective and you live on the old glory and at the same time you earn a lot of money from it.

    more and more people go to the other camp.

    Asetek, Simagic, Simucube, Moza are currently the happiest producers.


    Through partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, our officially-licensed PS4 products work seamlessly with all PS4 systems. Speciality peripherals, including all our officially-licensed PS4 products, work with PS5 and supported PS4 games, as confirmed by Sony. The PlayStation security chip is always located inside the Wheel Base. Any Fanatec product connected to a PlayStation-licensed Wheel Base also becomes compatible. Check the individual product pages for more details

  • James, thank you for the information. I hope the privately funded Japanese spyware from Sony gets installed without a problem.

    seriously though, thank you for the information.

  • I think this would be a start for those who want it and provided they don't increase the prices to offset the discount. I wouldn't mind ordering another wheel with a 25% off code. Of course I'd more than likely have to wait a few months to get it but it would be a good start.

    The best starting point would be to meet your timelines and provide honest answers. Couple that with either a discount code attached to a user's account or their choice of what was listed would go a long way to help mend some of the issues. For some who sold their gear in anticipation of getting these bases the discount or the game licenses might not be enough but I do think it would be a good way to appease the majority of users waiting.

  • @james

    HI James,when DD+ receive sony approval,will it be sold simultaneously in Japan?I can't wait to make a purchase.

  • Would you mind changing your avatar to anything but a Fanatec logo? It keeps catching me out. 😂

    @James I only had the DD+ and QR2 WS having preorder dates (both of which have passed now). I also had some high-demand Black Friday items with no word suggesting any kind of delay on those. Can I be confident now in that I'm only waiting for the DD+ product approval from Sony before my entire order ships? Or does the stock picking from my order only occur when it's sent to warehouse?

  • How is this not a clear case for a lawsuit... I get the nature of preordering, logistics, supply, several reasons for delays. But offering a product with availability dates when you don't yet have full clearance from Sony? That's utterly wrong. Who's to say that it won't be months before Sony final approval? What if there's issues? When did this process even start, content creators have had the product for almost two months now.

    All those who said that Fanatec was trying to reel in money before year's end for their financial reports to investors were 100% correct, this is inexcusable. REALLY looking forward to a SONY response to all this...

  • Not sure how you could sue in the US for this. I guess that you can file anything you want but they also have a statement that is pending approval while also sharing that in the same product info that it is "officially licensed" PS 5 product which would give you the impression that it is licensed. I'm not a lawyer and there have been many posts that should be done with a legal mind or representation to review before it was posted. I'm thinking we are pretty much screwed and stuck waiting for the release. Our only thing that may come of it is if there is enough negative press or stuff posted online that they would compensate us for the delays by providing a similar resolution like they did with the black friday pricing issue for the V2.5X wheel.

    I don't think Sony is going to respond. There's not enough of us to complain imo.

    I'm not supporting Fanatec, but I'm just trying to be real as to what our options are. I think there really should be some sort of compensation but Sony is not really going to care about a few thousand if that of users who were delayed getting their product. I do believe that Fanatec is wrong for what they have done in releasing a product that was not licensed or clearly "pending" approval since their product page has both the it is "officially licensed" and the pending approval statements on the same product description page.

    I'm pretty frustrated since I have this and another order still stuck while Fanatec has had my money (almost 2k) since late November and I still don't have anything to show for it. I made my order with the thinking that the pedals and wheel would have been available on December 5th and the DD+ on the 27th. Most other retailers would offer information related to the order status and more than likely some form of compensation at this point.

  • Yeah, it sucks all around. My saving grace is that I still have my Podium F1, so at least I have equipment to use. My friend, who I'm giving the Podium to though, is screwed, as the deal was that I'll get the DD+ first and then he gets the Podium. This whole experience though will definitely leave a very bad taste in everyone's mouth. Personally, I will be building a PC within the next year, and once I do that I will have no need for PS compatibility, and I will definitely be moving on to Simucube. Ngl, I am considering cancelling the order and staying with the Podium for another few months and once I build the PC sell it and switch.. I do not appreciate being taken for a ride, Fanatec has already made more than $3k from me, it's not right the way this whole thing has gone down..

  • Can you explain me how you can sell the DD+ as an officially license PS 5 Product when it is pending the aproval, no one can tell me that Sony will be OK with it.

    So why you not stay at the true and lie to us, yes i dont belive what you say.

    When i was Sony and it is the true what you saying i would never give you the aprovel for this product.

    And at Last what is when your Story is the true and Sony say no we give not the aproval to sell, i find it is a little bit criminal to sell something was is not ready to sell cause of missing aproval.

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  • I have now half Fanatec ecosystem in my home (since one month ago). I cannot connect them, I don’t know if they are working properly, and the warranty period countdown non stop…

    Now i don't know at all when I would be able to test them.


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