Brake Pedal CSL just dont brake!!!!

Hello, I am very, very frustrated!!!

I have a CSL DD 5nm base + Maclaren GT3 Whell + Pedal CSL and I was very happy!!!! But since last week that my brake pedal stop working!!! i have updated to PC version 455, since then i am not able to find any place were i can tune my braking force. When i play Assetto Corsa and try to brake the car just keep going, i have tried all the tunes we have ingame but they are useless, the cars just dont brake, i need help, i spend as lot money on this kit and i not able to use it, I stream assetto Corsa, and due to this situation i not able mto stream, i need an expert explanation why this is happening and a urgent solution.

Thank you-


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  • Fanatec please help , i just dont know what to do or update anymore, apart from my brake pedal dont allow me to calibrate, now the throttle have a problem as well, cant go to 0% look like someone is pressing all the time a little the throttle, please , please help.

    in the picture below i wasnt pressing the throttle...

    My fanatec setup is recent still on warranty, how can i claim it, or get help here in europe, i need some support, its not correct leave custumers with all this problems without providing some support, Fanatec is not a corner shop,.....

  • Go back to driver 451 and downgrade the firmwares.

    And above all if it works and you are satisfied with your product, don't updgrade the firmware every time, or do it in a period in which Fanatec responds to customers and only if you have the active warranty. Updating the firmware is a dangerous operation, every time you update the firmware you risk ruining your equipment forever. Have you ever updated the firmware of any non-Fanatec peripheral? So multiply this risk by 5 or 6 times in a year! Is absurd!

  • Alessandro thank you so much for your response i know how to get to driver 451 , but how do i downgrade the firmwares?

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