Manual Pedal Calibration

I have the CSL pedals with the load cell kit. They are connected directly to my CSL DD wheel base with the RJ12 cable. I perform the manual pedal calibration in the Fanatec app (driver 455) with some pressure on each pedal to eliminate any small percentages of input when the pedals are not being pressed. It works just as it should until the wheel base is turned off. Whenever the wheel base is turned back on, that calibration is lost. Sometimes I will forget to calibrate them again after the wheel base has been turned off previously and get in game and realize they need to be calibrated again. When racing online there is not always time to jump out and calibrate them before the session starts.

Is this normal operation? If so, I need to get in the habit of calibrating my pedals every time the wheel base is turned off and back on. It would be nice if the calibration was saved somewhere.


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