Fanatec csl elite pedals on playseat evolution alcantara

Does someone have the fanatec csl elite pedals mounted on the playseat evolution? I just got the pedals but on first look it looks like the pedals are too big for the mounting plate.


  • I'm leaving a comment to follow this post because mine just came in too. It's too late at night for me to troubleshoot, I've been searching on the web with not much luck. Tomorrow I'm going to the hardware store and see if I can find the right bolts, at first glance that seems to be my issue.

  • I have a Platseat Evolution and a Clubsport Pedal!

    The pedal is too big and the bolt´s holes doesn´t fit the Playseat rig, so I cut a plywood, screwed it to the Playseat rig and screwed the CSP to the plywood.

    Finally i´ve painted the plywood black.

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