Pedals stopped working

Fanatec DD Pro gt7 bundle. 2yrs old or so. Light use. Pedals just stopped working. They worked the night before and the next day, nothing. Steering and buttons all work. No load cell, just stock brake and accelerator. All connections look good. I'm totally stumped. Please help.


  • It happened to my son today too.

  • Ugh. I feel for him. Do we just get new pedals, cord, firmware? Idk... Frustrating. Waiting to hear from fanatec.

  • Same. Frustrating and waiting to hear from Fanatec. Why it suddenly stopped working after working just a few hours beforehand is a mystery.

  • Hi I Tryed to set my friends csl pedals up today and think I have the same problem has anyone hear back from fanatec about the issue?? Thanks

  • Still no word from Fanatec. How about any of you people?

  • Nothing... I hear they are behind in a lot of ways these days.

  • Nathan from Fanatec just emailed me back. I'll keep you posted.

  • Thanks. Nothing on this end.

  • I just heard from Fanatec myself. 7 days exactly. Even though I mentioned I did all they asked in the email I need to do it again.

  • I'm still waiting on a reply.

  • Fanatec emailed me just now. Talking about a load cell and connections. I told them that wasn't the issue in my first email. So waiting again...

  • Just heard back. They gave me the option to send it to them for repair. $60 an hour... Waiting to hear back from them to find out where to send it.

  • my brand new pedals not working to...Working for few days and now is dead...this is sad for company like this

  • 5 days after the warranty expires, it's the same.

  • So no solutions to this apparently common problem? Does Fanatec not monitor its own forum to respond to issues like this? Hard to believe Fanatec wastes these opportunities to provide real customer service and begin turning its reputation around.

    Fanatec = Fail-atec. Sad... I'm going to Logitechs online presence to look into their dd wheel. I already have their excellent lc pedals from previous TROUBLE-FREE ecosystem and I'll race on Logitech until someone else markets a console-friendly product line. I wanna RACE, not fool around with firmware and non-existing customer support!

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