Problems with LEDs (CC DD and Formula Wheel 2.5 2023)


I own a Clubsport DD with a ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® 2023 and CSL Elite Pedals V2.

Since the last FanaLab update to version 2.01.21 I have had the following problem with my Wheel.

Once Fanalab is started (which it usually is for the LEDs to work), the RPM LEDs seems to work perfectly fine, but after 1-2 laps, it started to get asynchron from the RMP shown in my ingame HUD.

Then after some time the small display on the wheel freezes and die LEDs as well.

The wheel itself keeps working incl. all the buttons.

Even when i close and restart the FanaLab Software, the LEDs and display won't turn off.

To fix the issue, i've to turn the Wheel base off and on again.

Here again are my firmware versions of the individual components:

ClubSport DD:

Steering Wheel:

Quick Release:

FanaLab: 01/2/21

PC Driver: 455


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