McLaren GT3 V2 and PlayStation R2 and L2 button support

Would it be possible to confirm if the CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 Steering Wheel mounted on a GT DD Pro Wheelbase supports the R2 and L2 button functions of a PlayStation 5?

In reading comments on Facebook, it appears there is currently no support for this and the Fanatec FAQ did not appear to have any information on the topic, hence why I am looking for confirmation.

If PS5 R2/L2 functions are not currently supported, would it possible to add this support, perhaps mappable to the analog paddles, via a future firmware update?

Some games, such as F1 '23 require the use of R2/L2 and do not provide the ability to remap those functions. Being able to map those buttons to the McLaren GT2 V2 wheel would be very much appreciated.

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