Clubsport pedals v3 - Acceleration Pedal Wobble

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Hi everyone ,

I have bought the Clubsport pedals v3 and installed the damper kit on the accelerator pedal.

Since the beginning I have noticed a wobble when pressing the accelerator.

To describe it better the first ~5% of the pedal travel is uneven , and the metal rod is moving around. It's noticeable when you're driving.

And I'm wondering if this can be fixed somehow or should I return the pedals.

Issue :

Any advice is welcome,



  • Its' being caused by the angle of the damper you installed.

    Nothing technically wrong with the pedals, just the tolerances are not the greatest.

    I used to have the same pedals with the damper on the throttle and same thing.

    I found moving the damper front mount from the hole in the pedal arm you have it in now (where the instructions tell you to put it) to the hole right above it (the bottom pedal face bracket mount hole) got rid of most of the wobble and also made the damper feel better in my opinion.

  • I get that same thing. I loosen up the damper so i can screw the whole thing tighter then tighten it again. And it always comes back.

  • Had mine installed 2 days ago and also had what is shown in the youtube link. Loosen the 2 screws holding the damper itself, if you then turn it depending on how it is installed now, you'll see the bottom part with the spring moving up or down and the pedal coming down or up. You'll see that the bottom part can be parallel to the damper or not. Depending on which way you turn the damper, the bottom part will slightly come closer to the damper or move away from it. I don't remember what position was the best but try both out, this will eliminate the problem shwon in the video.

    I hope this was understandable. If not, I'll try to explain again.

  • Thanks for the info man , I've managed to get them working properly.

    The thing that worked for me is to keep the black nuts a bit lower than they were previously so I've taken everything apart and put them back together and made sure that there is no play in the pedal.

    Key thing to look after is the black spring how tight it is now.

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