McLaren GT3 V2 strange shifting

Hi all

I just got the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. Have watched some tests on YouTube before ordering. Now I'm wondering if there's a new charge of wheels with different hardware? The tests I've seen describing the shifting with a "loud" clicking what might disturb others in the same room. The shifting of MY wheel doesn't have these clicks. It's quiet. Anyone noticed the same?

And second what I've noticed. When shifting back quickly, many times it doesn't work well and ends up in a higher gear as physically pulled the shifter. I'm playing ACC. Any ideas?



  • I notice sometimes my McLaren V2 wheel misses a shift when I fast down-shift. It was like that with stock rocker paddle, and also with upgraded SimMakerz magnetic shifter paddle.

    In terms of shifting clicks, it's not that loud but noticeable (I purchased my wheel little over a year ago)

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