iRacing Momentary loss of FFB

This issue started 23 season 3 then went away and has come back with latest update at the start of Feb 24.

About an hour into a race or session I will experience a momentary loss of FFB or unloading of the FFB, if this happens mid corner with weight on the steering it can cause me to lose control of the car, thankfully it has happened most times travelling straightish. It will normally only happen once a session or race and is not appear to be clipping as it can happen at low force levels.

Running a Podium F1, driver 455, and latest Fanalab but it also used to happen on previous drivers. I'm thinking it is an iRacing issue, iRacing haven't been of any help. Ive sent them replays, but they want to see the bar graphs which you can only do with screen capture.

Ive knocked my FFB back to 98 to see if it was clipping but no difference. I run iRacing at 900 degrees as well as I don't tick linear output. Wheel Force is set to 20nm and for the supercar often run at 27-32nm max force.

Anyone having the same issue or can help.

And yes I do like strong FFB. Linear mode at 15nm I cant feel the edge of grip as well.


  • You're not alone on this. I run a DD2 primarily connected to a PBME and I run into the same issues. There's essentially a split second of "dead" FFB output and then you get a second of heavy "numbness" before the wheel comes back and is fine. Typically happens maybe once a month during track time. I haven't found it happens under any specific circumstances. Always iRacing, I've had it happen on smooth surfaces, at curbs, etc. It went away during a period but came back when they fixed the full disconnect issue recently.

    It has happened much more recently since that last update than in the past.

  • I think I captured it yesterday during a qly session. I'll attach the a screenshot of the video which I have sent to iRacing. If you watch the FFB meter when the glitch occurs, the white bar appears to what I understand from research is the sim reducing FFB thinking there has been a collision. Now there was a car beside me when this occurred, but no notification of a incident or collision from the sim. I've also had this occur when there are no cars around.

    In this screen shot the loss of FFB has just occurred, and its coming back to normal.

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