Fanatec csl dd no FFB in corners

A few weeks ago I got my fanatec csl DD. I use it to play f1 23 on xbox. But whenever there is a corner in the game, there is no resistance from the wheel, on other occasions like going off track there is FFB. Does someone have a solution?


  • do you mean zero forces or no details in corners. If you mean no details you must lower your settings because your base runs into clipping. on f1 23 you can run ffb settings there a to much for the csl dd. like 120 in game and 100 on the base, thats waaaay to high.

    i would test it witch 70 in game and 100 on the base. and i would try on other racesims like ACC or Forza Motorsport which is in gamepass. if the ffb is ok in these games i would reinstall f1 23 and then try not so high settings

  • It is that when I turn for a corner I don't need do put any extra force in. Which I needed to do with the trustmaster wheel I had before. But thanks for your answer I will try it.

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