Do you connect your pedals to your wheel base or the PC via the USB

I'm having some issues due to the USB type b port on the rear of my DD1 coming loose.. Occasionally i lose signal and everything stops working for a second or two.. Since Fanatec is in the weeds when it comes to answering tickets, I'm trying to find a work around..

It seems like the freeze doesn't happen when i use the USB to the PC vs the other cable to the wheel base.. My only dislike is, I prefer having the wheel rumble when i reach a certain braking point. I'm assuming this option only works when the pedals are connected to the wheel base? or is there an option somewhere to turn it on using the USB to PC connection?

PS: has anyone removed the rear circuit board on a DD1? Does that circuit board come out easily?? The only video i saw was boosted Media and he never showed the underside of the circuit board!!


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