Clubsport V3 pedals, brake performance kit, knee pain

So I workout, deadlift 170kg, squat 160kg, I run 10km in arround 55min.

Never had sim-racing gear before. Bought these pedals, installed MEDIUM inserts from the BPK, put in a few hours of racing, knee was completely shot 🤕

Too bad none of the youtubers warn you for this 😅

So if you're going to use the BPK, be aware! Recovery lasted 2 days, now I'm fine again. Did swap it to SOFT untill knee is trained for this new movement.


  • They do, but you need to check recommendation for setup, calibration and sitting position.

    I think the issue is related to that, not the inserts. The inserts help you more with the feeling, immersion, travel.

    The force you use can be, better said should be, more or less the same for the hard or soft/medium inserts, it will change just the feeling and travel. Don't calibrate to the force required for the complete travel on a hard setup, just calibrate to the push force that is natural to you.

    Just watch some movies about LC pedals calibration and seating position.

  • I once had that issue, too. Try to place the pedals that your legs push straight forward like in a Kart not like a real car

  • it takes some days or maybe a week to find the setting. And whats importent too, you should not reach 100% when you brake, because then you look the wheels. 70 to 80% is perfekt so you can drive easy without abs and you have better feeling for trailbraking. the best way to learn this things when you find a online race community. because it make things so much easier if people share there expirience and is more fun the most cases😂.

  • Copy all!

  • Hey Izzy, as others have mentioned, I believe your knee pain is due to ergonomics not due to BPK. I like softer pedals also and use Red13+Red12+cutdownRed13 for my V3. As Marcel mentioned, make sure your pedal is positioned so your legs are more or less straight down. If you're legs are somewhat sideways, it will definitely hurt your knee in the long-run. Be sure to also tilt your pedal appropriately to avoid chin and ankle pain as well. Below is my setup and it works well for me at least. Good luck!

  • Thanks for all the tips and tricks guys!

    I'm pushing straight on my pedals. First thing I did was move the clutch completely to the left and repositioned the spacers. Now there is a maximum of distance between the gas and brake because originally they are way to close to each other. Don't have a shifter so no need for the clutch.

    Maybe I'm sitting too close to my pedals. Gonna try to extend the rig today. (Playseat Trophy)

    Switching the inserts of the BPK to SOFT was a good decision. Also changed the angle of the plate a bit more. This made it also way better.

  • Hey Izzy, nice, I like the 2 pedal setup.

    I'm not sure how tall you are, but to me the pedals look tiny bit far apart. I would think if you're tall, then maybe ok as-is, but maybe you can bring it little closer to the center as a trial? Maybe use flat-metal brake plate (like mine) and mount it toward the gas. Every mm counts on comfort. BTW, does inner side of your knee hurt?

    You're right about being it too close as well. You should not have to fully extend/straight when you press the brake, there should still be somewhat arched. Also, be sure there's no gap between your hip to the seat. Your hip should be firmly planted on your seat... if your hip/seat moves while you apply the brake, I don't think that helps.

    Good luck!

  • Izzy .Izzy . Member
    edited February 7

    I noticed the way you moved those plates of yours by utilizing the different holes. Nice one mate!

    I'm 1,75m tall. I'm very firmly planted in the seat. The Playseat Trophy is an amazing piece of rig. Zero flex! It is my first set-up yes, but after watching all the possible vidz on rigs and set-ups, I can confirm it's solid AF.

    Knee hurted on the center, not on a side. But like I said, really believe it was because of this new movement and putting in hours straight away with the medium inserts. It was very hard. Put in some hours with the SOFT combination. Much better!

    I like to play with the throttle mid corner a lot, so my heel is offset to the left of the gaspedal. This enables and makes it more easy to control. That's why I also needed the space between BP and GP. And it also helps to distinct the 2 in my head lol.

    Now that I look at it in the picture, seems to me I can go from S in the seat setup to M. Gonna do that now.

  • Izzy, Playseat looks really nice. Your legs setup looks good IMO.

    I'm not a pro, just to get that out of the way :-), but if I had to give you a recommendation, your arms look fairly extended, might be easier to drive in the long-run little closer. Having your wheel bit closer may help with catching spins if you have your force high.

    There are many videos on Youtube, but below is one I liked. Note his wheel position, how close it is compared to yours. He does primarily GT3 I think.

  • I have another clip that helps figure out the best position for sim racing (had knee pain as well and went away after re-adjusting the seating position & pedals placement)

  • i also have this Playseat, it can even hold DD2 just fine

  • I hope it stays solid through time. It's my first rig ever and even so, you just feel when something is of quality. Also the ease of being able to move it out of the way because it's light and compact. Very nice! Lumbar support also does its job very well. I might wrap a towel around it to even enhance it's benefits more.

    Watched both vidz about seating position. Thanks again. In my picture it looks like I'm too far away, but it's because I was holding my elbows a bit out. So I definitely do have enough armlength to get enough steering angle in and without my arms getting tangled in each other. Also when I extend, top of steering wheel is well beyond my wrists.

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