Voucher code 25% not work

Good morning, we have been trying for 2 months to get you to solve the problem of redeeming the 25% discount coupon for the cancellation of the 2.5x formula ring. We ordered in November, we are in February and we want to make a new purchase with this coupon but when entering it it says that it is not valid! We received an email indicating that the coupon was valid until May 31, which is not the case. You answered us in another email indicating how to place a coupon as if we were stupid and had not read the FAQ to know how to enter it. In your own forum there are people with the same problem eager to buy their new base or rings!


  • Same problem here for a while now! Though my error message is a bit different from Andrea's. It says "This voucher can not be redeemed by you." ...just great! Please be so kind and focus on the Customers that still would like to throw money at you and solve the issue at last.

  • Same issue on my side

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