QR1 CSL DD back-out solved with sand-paper

I created a post on how I permanently solved the design issue on the QR1 resulting in back-out from the base and USB C being pulled out as a result. Basically the surfaces are too slippery for the compression bolt to prevent the surfaces from slipping. The fix is so simple and thus far is permanent.

I have submitted a ticket to suggest to Fanatec this be published and acknowledged as a known issue with a mini kit of a tiny square of sandpaper provided.

I hope this helps others. :)


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited February 9

    yeah, however CSL DD i think is already 2 years old now or more, with that time usually companies goes up with something and release some update version , but fanatec not changed nothing in this case.

    i do not have personally this issue with my base but i to seen allot reports.

    i guess this happens more often with those who pull constantly hard the steering wheel and then it start slip out

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