Spare Buttons for BMW M4 GT3 & Podium Button Module Rally?

Does anyone know if the buttons used for BMW M4 GT3 Wheel and Podium Button Module Rally are some kind of standard parts?

With my Podium Button Module Rally I received a couple of blank Buttons. It is possible to use stickers of the Button Caps and Sticker set to customize them for your needs.

I‘d like to do the same for my BMW M4 GT3 wheel but there are no blank spare buttons included.

I read somewhere in this forum that there might be some spare buttons available to order separately at Fanatec in the (distant) future.

But I guess these buttons might be standard parts, too.


  • I wrote a ticket asking to purchase these. They said they are working on making them available with no estimate on when that might be.

    I really like the quality of the printed buttons and M4 and BMR came with different buttons of sorts and I was hoping to get more choices and a way to make the two similar so i'd remember the buttons since their locations are so different on these two wheels.

    I hope the extend what buttons are available in an addon button pack. Way better than stickers imho.

  • Marcel JeskeMarcel Jeske Member
    edited February 9

    Primary question for me is if these buttons are some kind of standard parts. Usually when designing a product you try to use as much market available parts as possible to not have to develop/ engineer it yourself. So it might me possible that these buttons are produced in a huge amount because they are used in some totally different products… If this was true, these buttons must be available somewhere else

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