Availability date GT DD Pro (5) keeps changing

I'm thinking about ordering the GT DD Pro 5 Nm but the availability date (it's now set on Feb, 16) keeps changing (yesterday it was Feb. 9). What if I order and pay now and you keep changing this date?


  • Usually the day you buy will reflect in your account and will stay the same. It's independent to the date on the website.

    But keep in mind, it's just a rough estimate/forecast. There is no guarantee it will be sent out this date.

  • Thanks. I will not order as long as the product has an availability date in the future (that could change again).

  • Good luck, it said in stock on 1/18 when I ordered mine and it's been sitting in handed to the warehouse ever since.

  • Update: ordered this product on thursday 15th feb. and it was just delivered (the Netherlands) on the 19th. With updates from Fanatec about the logistics. Fair to say that it looks like things are well organized, now.

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