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  • Site works again.

    If not (again) it‘s a DD+ with a new designed Gran Turismo Wheel wird QR2, magnetic shifters and overall higher quality materials. No pedals included.

  • Marcel JeskeMarcel Jeske Member
    edited February 9
  • now this is interesting! 15Nm Support wird QR2 Lite

  • It comes with the QR2 lite, incredible...

    On the website it says that the QR2 lite can work at 15nm, how reinforced is the QR2 lite compared to the QR1 lite? Because the QR1lite was so fragile that even at 8nm you were suffering from noise/vibration/shake...

  • it does make sense that QR2 lite may support more nm, it does have more material included as its much bigger than QR1lite

  • Launching this wheel after dd+ preorders is a scummy move!

    no separate choice of purchasing wheel for those who bought dd+ for PlayStation use .

    scummy move

  • I wonder if this is what they've been waiting for approval on?

    Also. This is available today. Solo base is not.

    And I don't have tracking numbers for my DD+ order that i ordered on day one of preorders.

    It is cool though. I feel like they'll sell this one separately later. But can you map the special buttons on this one in other games?

    Cool to see the full screen display like the DD1 base has.

    Says it's 15nm with QR2 Lite.

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