Quick delivery

Things may be improving. I ordered the CSL DD Ready2Race Elite bundle with QR1 upgrade on Saturday 3rd February and it was delivered today 9th February. Impressive.

I live in England.


  • In reality there is not a problem with shipping, but with customer service, which is overloaded.

    So if your order has no problems you will receive it quite quickly, but if there are problems with the shipment or you have a fault, and this requires customer service intervention, then it will be very slow.

    The delay in some shipments is only a reflection of customer service issues.

  • OK thanks for sharing. I am feeling hopefull now.

    Yesterday afternoon (in Netherlands) ordered a Ready2Race McLaren GT3 bundle. In the evening I checked and status was order processing (so basically untouched by Fanatec) I noticed then that for the free QR-lite, it was only available from March 26!! which obviously I dod not want to wait for.

    Since I also viewed quite some YT videos of issues related to QR-lite I decided to just cancel the order (which I still could) and resubmit it with the metal QR1 and add 49 euros to the order. I briefly considered the QR2 but cheapest bundle (including base side) was 109 and couldnt justify the extra money.

    Surprisingly this morning the old order was completely done and my paypal already refunded. New order status is now on "handover to warehouse" If I read everything, the last couple of months for many people this status was like this for weeks, for some even months.

    Lets see if I belong to the lucky ones just like you :P

  • Danke das ich warten muss auf unbestimmt.

    Habe es früher bestellt und bin der ..............

  • Maysor SternyMaysor Sterny Member
    edited February 9

    Nice Danke.

    Das kannst du groß an der Seite und in das Forum hauen.

    Landet nicht beim Kunden Dienst.

    Da bin ich jetzt und muss auf unbestimmte zeit warten.

    Hätte ich das mal vorher gewusst .

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