25% Black Friday Discount Voucher doesn't work

Hello everyone,

I'm one of many who decided to cancel their BF order to get a 25% discount voucher for the next purchase instead (I ordered the ClubSport Steering Formula Wheel V2.5X during the BF sales). I received a mail on 9th of january with the voucher code in it, which is valid until may 31, 2024.

I decided to use it two days ago in order to buy a QR2 Lite Bundle, but unfortunately when i put my discount code in the correct text box i got this error message:

I tried to put other combos instead of QR2 Lite bundle in the shopping cart, but it didn't work. I even put just one article in the shopping cart, but the end result was the same.

Is anyone here who had the same problem? I'm talking especially to the ones who did the exact same order as i did during the BF sales.

Thanks in advance to anyone,



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