Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally with GT7

Hello Fanatec,

I have received the DD+ with the Podium Steering Wheel Monte Carlo Rally.

Updated to the newest driver 455.

In GT7 the cursor moves to the bottom left without input on the podium button module rally or any other controller. All buttons of the button module work as intended and mapped.

After starting a race, the view switches to the left of the car an I am unable to change this with any of the button inputs.

When I disconnect the podium button module rally the view changes back and I can drive without any problems with the wheel.

Is it a known podium button module rally bug, do I have to adjust something in the settings?



  • Thats a known FIrmware issue to be fixed sometime this year.

  • 1st of all sorry Greg for hijacking your thread, but I got a prob with my PBMR too. I am using my PBMR in combination with my Universal Hub V2 for Xbox together with the R300 rim. But in my case, I can only use the Display from the UniHubV2, when I tap on the lil button on the PBMR beside the lil Display nothing happens. I have to use the Display from the UninHubV2 to get into the tuningMenus. Maybe the reason for that is that I still have the funkySwitch attached?

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