Buttons on DD Pro wheel not recognized

None of the colored buttons on my DD pro wheel (which work just fine in every other sim) are recognized by AMS2. Has anyone figured out a workaround? I'd really like to have the use of these buttons (there's 20 of them!) so I can easily adjust things like ERS, TC, Fuel mapping, etc

Right now, all I can use are the "basic" buttons.


  • I'd suggest a program called Joy2Key.

    Assign these buttons to keyboard commands and map in-game to these keys.

    These buttons use high 'button IDs' that AMS2 doesn't support and the developers don't seem interested in rectifying.

    If I recall correctly, you also need to go into the options within Joy2Key to enable these higher button inputs.

    This is what I did with I used the DD Pro wheel and it worked fine.

    There's also a controller mapper within Simhub that should also do the trick but I've never used it.

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