McLaren GT3 v2 on DD+ upside down?


I've received my ClubSport DD+ on Feb. 9. After mounting and updating all firmware to the latest versions, I found that at 0° in the Fanatec software, my McLaren GT3 v2 with QR2 is upside down. I also attached the pins of my DD+. Is that correct at 0°?



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    The Display of the Wheel says CAL..... Which, according to the manual, means you need to calibrate the wheel center position.

    So just turn it so its straight and then calibrate the center with the button combo or in the Control Panel...

  • No, thats not correct. You've made a Wheel Center calibration?

    If your Wheelbase is powered on, just Press the setup Button on your Wheel so that the tuning menue shows up.

    Then you Center the Wheel to middle position and then press A and Menue (Button with three lines) together to save the new Center Position.

  • Hi,

    I was facing the same issue. After the calibration everything is fine. Only when I start the Wheel base the behaviour is different than to my dd pro before. Because now it will start to turn the wheel up side down during power on and will move it to the right direction afterwards. But at least its in the right position which is most important :)

    Not sure whether this is like intended but its working

  • Thanks Maurice and Manuel. Doing calibration solved the problem. As Stefan said, I also previously owned a DD Pro, which was only off for a few degrees, so thought that might be a hardware issue.

    Great that it finally arrives and works!

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