Podium button module rally - realistic button bindings?

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Hi all,

Has anyone figured out the actual meanings of the rally module buttons, and/or what can be bound in ea wrc game?

I figure that at least some buttons like stage / road mode is not usable in-game.



PS. I come from a formula style wheel and it is very nice to have a round wheel for rallying... enjoying stuff so far :)


  • because race cars have their starting procedure split up to switches instead of turning a key I guess

    ENG = engage switch

    A/D = A/D switch 

    LNC = launch

    STA = start (start engine)

    HYB = hybrid

    ENG =>A/D => LNC => STA => HYB (maybe different order)

    WRC cars have to transit in regular road traffic between stages. Therefor they have different modes.

    STG = Road/ Stage switch

    WRC cars also have small displays in front of the steering wheel which can show the actual gear on stages or important car data like oil pressure, water temperature, maybe tire pressure.

    PGE = page switch

    Although I don‘t KNOW if it‘s correct what I assume, it makes sense to me.

    Also, Google for a Toyota steering wheel. You can see these words written out.

    Most of These Buttons are Not represented in Rally games, because you have no stage transit nor starting procedured

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