Problem with fw update for my hub

Trying to update my ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox. Not sure how to do it, before the update fanalab prompts me to dismount the wheel. Isn’t that strange?


  • if you stuff works, you not need update, and just wait the next update and perhaps then its fixed

  • Yeah, I guess! Everything is indeed working.

  • No, it isn´t strange, the Firmwaremanager wants to update the WQR at first and for this the wheel/hub has to be removed. And here is the Problem, because the Wireless QR wont update to the actuall firmware as you can see in the firmwaremanager.

    Try to use another USB-Port to connect your base. Maybe you can try to use the manual update function in the firmwaremanager to start the update. With my CS DD i had a simillar problem with the WQR update. The manuall update function worked for me.

  • Still no success updating. Win 11 pro.

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