Formula V2.5 wheel and Xbox

Really want the Formula V2.5 wheel but unsure if all buttons, rotary’s, etc can be used. Mostly on ACC, F1, AC, and Forza. Dilema is I don’t want to get if all buttons can’t be utilized with 1 or more of these sims. I am on ACC like 85% of the time. Anyone have experience with this wheel on Xbox series x and any of the mentioned sims?

Thanks in advance for the info!


  • At the moment, most wont work. With the current SDK, the xbox will only support the same number of buttons as the controller.

    Have a look at the v2.5x quick guide - it will show you what buttons are mapped - and what you can/cant use

  • I use the v2.5 on an xbox x, this has been an issue for many years and is very very annoying this sdk still is not out and probably will never come out (if they cared any bit they would have fixed this a while ago) I ask all the time about it and get no response. I drive f1 cars for majority of the time so it works for me because you really need a small wheel to be competitive. But if you just drive acc and gt cars you should get the mclaren gt3. You still get no telementary data but it feels like less of a waste of money, staring at rev indicators all day and never being able to use it and never being able to remap buttons will just piss you off if you spend that much.

  • The SDK is out. It needs the game developers to integrate it into their games. Nothing Fanatec can do now

  • Thanks for the comment guys. I am still new to this so forgive me. what is SDK? I understand that maybe not all buttons will work but for the rotary encoders (TC/ABS/Fuel Map) even these cant be mapped on the XSX? I will be looking at going to computer in the near future so if it is a simple "source" as to why all cant be used on XSX then I may purchase this wheel anyway.

    Also, is the quick guide on the product page, or where is that located?

    Thanks again!

  • Is this true? I never saw anything about the new sdk aside from them saying a few months back they are working on it. When was this announced?

  • Hi guys, I have an issue I updated to firmware 455 and now my wheel shows no Xbox mode. Wheel is the formula V2.5 X and wheel base is a DD2.

    if I connect the universal Xbox hub + the Prosche GT3 Wheel + Button Box it works and I can switch to Xbox mode.

    what do I wrong? Can someone help?

  • I checked Microsoft/Xbox page and they are still saying update coming in a Fanatec firmware update This was in Oct 2023. Sucks I wish I knew this before I purchased a setup up for Xbox .

  • Problem is caused by the Fanatec v455 driver and latest Firmware of the Formula v2.5x Wheel, affects most Formula wheels and at this stage fix is to roll back driver to v451 or v454 and then roll back the previous version of the firmware for the Formula v2.5x Wheel. Alternately wait for a new Driver / FW update in future to fix this issue, hopefully v456.

  • it has been an issue for years, im afraid the SDK isnt coming anytime soon. Once again no announcement can be found anywhere that the sdk is out, with all the issues they have had and are still having it probably has been pushed back. I feared when they officially partnered with GT and playstation they would care even less about xbox. Now Maurice wont even say anything about the SDK, just says the rev lights and other things will not work.

  • This is from January of last year, the last mention of the SDK “being in development”. Sorry to say it is not coming

  • ah, my bad. My memory has to be going.

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