Loadcell not working

I’m just hoping fanatec sees this cause I got my loadcell about 3 months ago now and from day one they haven’t work(I’ve tried everything don’t tell me to check the cables)

no response whatsoever with them and no response from fanatec for 3months please someone help


  • This wont help you but i purchased the V3I new a a few weeks ago from Fanatec. finally received them and after a few hour the load cell started applying the brake on its own. found out the wiring is shorted at the load cell so moving it made the brake values go all over.

    Submitted a Technical Ticket with video hopefully to help and 9 days later i get no one to respond to any email or Technical request ive made.

    Very Very dissapointed. You hear all of the support complaints but I took my chances looks like its all true. Hope you hear something soon.

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