Csl ELite v2 Load cell Brake Stopped working (1 month old)

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Finally got my Black friday order in jan.

Had about 20 hours use and the load cell brake has failed and now will not register anything.

I never changed the elastomers from standard and have been using 60% brake force.

It's failed in exactly the same way I have seen others post about, randomly was stuck at about 20-30% brake with no inputs mid race (iracing) and then after pressing and depressing was stuck at 100%.

Tried to recalibrate it in fanatecs software and there is just 0 signal coming from the pedal.

Things I have tried.

- Resetting calibration

- Reflash firmware for the pedals

- reinstall Fanatec Drivers and Reflash firmware again.

- Reconnecting the cables to the connection box under the pedal base.

- Connecting the pedals directly to the wheel base

- connecting the pedals directly to the pc bypassing the usb hub

Really frustrating on a brand new product, upset that I hadn't seen that people have been having this issue before hand as all the youtube reviews where very posative.

Have sent a support mail to fanatec but have not heard back as of yet.



  • Over a week now and I have tried to contact fanatec on multiple platforms including support ticket, facebook, phone.

    Not a single word back.

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    With little to no communication from FANATEC my pedalbase was collected last week and sent to a local service centre.

    Once at the service centre the turn around was only a few days and today the pedals are back with me in working order albeit with no apology letter or explenation of what went wrong or what has been repaired.

    All in all the RMA process on a practically brand new product took over a month to rectify with generic email responses taking between 2-3 weeks between each mail.

    Now I pray the brake will last more than a couple weeks of gaming this time because this really was an unacceptable turn around for a brand new product.

  • Yesterday my pedals left for Germany with the load cell broken after 5 days of use, I sent them the email to make the signature on March 1, until yesterday, March 26, I did not receive the response of what they were going to do and the label for the transport company, I just hope that the repair and replacement process is as short as possible as has happened to you....

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