Pedals cutting out during play CSL +LC


Recently, my pedals has been losing connection during gameplay for 15-20 seconds. Then they come back. There is no pattern to when they cut out. Sometimes I play for an hour then they cut out. Sometimes it’s 20 minutes. When it does happen, it will continue to happen every few minutes.

When the pedals come back online, they are perfectly calibrated still, like nothing happened. The wheel base and shifter never lose connection during this time. Meaning the pedals cut out, but the wheel and shifter are still online and responding and the pedals are dead.

I used the setup on my PS5 for a year or so without issue. Now I have connected it to my PC and the pedals cut out. I thought it may have been the KVM I was using, so I connected the base directly to the PC with no change in behavior.

Everything was assembled on a 40/80 rig since day 1 and has not been moved. Meaning I haven’t moved wires around when changing to PC/PS5.

Pedal set and shifter connected to the wheel base (CSL DD 8nm) and wheel base connected to PC via USB and a USB 3 port on the case.

Windows 11 PC

Fanatec software registers all peripherals as working and up to date.

Assetto Corsa game - Only one I have currently on PC. Does this with every vehicle.


  • I'm having the same issue. I've been playing LMU and a lot of my races have been ruined by this. I'm using the CSL+ LC pedals connected to a CSL DD (5nm)

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    I have the same combination and never problems, I recommend to plug the fanatec USB into a primary USB2 port of your motherboard.

    Put it on the backside of your pc into the kb/mouse ports.

    Windoze has a dynamic USB port system so it does often change internal ports, when the limited USB endpoints begin to become rare.

    USB2 is still fast enough for any FFB

    Never use an USB hub for your fanatec plug!

  • I have got the same issue. I have the pedals connected via USB directly to the PC.

    The Pedalset is merely half a year old!

    The PCB center piece inside the USB-B Port of the loadcell got loose, by normal use. The contacts themselves still seem to work fine, since I get a USB signal out of them, when they make contact with the USB cable.

    Mechanically the pedals are absolutely fine. And I can't confirm any driver issues.

    By now I tried driver versions 452 - 456 and all seem to be okay with my CSL V1 Pedals with Loadcell.

    So it just seems to be a QC issue for the USB-B port of the loadcell circuit board.

    Since it is accessible with standard philips screws I'd recomend to make a replacement Loadcell circuit board available for all customers.

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