Is my CS DD+ defective?

Received my CS DD+ the other day, during a race last night at about 30 minutes in my Formula V2.5 suddenly stopped responding mid straight away, no buttons or shifters would work, the FFB stopped working and Fanalab no longer detected an attached steering wheel. I had to reboot the wheel base to get it to recognize it again.

Is the wheel base Defective? I've never had this happen in 1.5 years of owning the CSL DD before this while using the same rim.


  • No it's most likely not defective. It's a known Firmware issue to be fixed hopefully this month.

  • Dan WDan W Member

    OK, thanks!

  • I have the semester issue and I did update with 456 and still the same

  • Thanks !! I I hope the fix it

  • I have the exact same issue

  • Jordan LABBEJordan LABBE Member
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    Exact same issue here.

    Every session i do : After 30/45 minutes i just can steer brake and accelerate. It can happen sooner sometimes.

    No shifting, no buttons. No FFB

    Sometimes the throttle stay full gaz and i can't brake and steer.

    I have to park on the side, turn the base off, turn it on again (boot) and it works again, 20/second lost in the race each time.

    Happens on PS5 and PC

    i tried to reinstall driver 455 > same but i have the funky switch issue

    Got back to 456 -> funky switch is ok, but loss of connextion happens again.

    my rig is grounded, firmwares uptodate, usb plugged on blue usb slot, the power supply is on its own slot.

    i tried evey modes. No difference

    I have seen on a reddit post that the driver 457 would solve this. It was suppoed to be released in march but was delayed. Anyone have more insights on this topic ?

    Thank you !

  • @Jordan

    Try reading. There's tons of insights on this issue.

  • Ok. Where ?


  • Try the 456 driver thread, lots of individual posts also.

  • That is what I did and could not find precise information on the release date if it exists.

    Just wanted some fresh update and share my story if this can help. Thanks for the reply mate.

  • Try finding a needle in a haystack without a magnet...

    All I could find is that 457 should fix this and it should be out in march... we are now in april.

  • I've heard 457 is coming at the end of April

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