Concerns and Frustrations with Fanatec Orders: A Community Discussion

Hello fellow racing enthusiasts,

Recently, I made a purchase myself, opting for the CSL DD F1 Esports Starter Kit for PC. Excited about enhancing my sim racing experience, I placed my order with high hopes.

However, what followed was a series of frustrating experiences that have left me questioning the integrity of Fanatec's operations. Like many others, I find myself in a situation where my order seems to have disappeared into a void of uncertainty. Despite assurances of timely delivery – with products supposedly in stock and ready to ship within 4-7 days – I've encountered nothing but delays and silence.

Numerous attempts to reach out for support have been met with absolute silence. Emails go unanswered, online support is nowhere to be found, social media inquiries are ignored, and it seems there are no available call agents to address our concerns. This lack of communication and transparency is deeply concerning.

The crux of the matter lies in the fact that Fanatec continues to accept orders despite being clearly overwhelmed and unable to fulfill existing ones in a timely manner. This raises serious questions about the ethics of their business practices. Are we being scammed? Why aren't they pausing new orders until they catch up with the backlog?

I'm not alone in this predicament. Many others have voiced similar grievances across various online platforms. It's disheartening to see a company with such a strong reputation falter in this manner.

So, here I am, reaching out to the community in hopes of finding some clarity. If you've faced similar issues or have insights to share, please do. And if anyone from Fanatec happens to come across this, please acknowledge our concerns and provide some reassurance. My order number is 1932017, and I, along with many others, eagerly await some form of response and resolution.

Let's hope for a swift and satisfactory resolution to this situation.

Best regards,



  • I was wondering if cancelling my order would result in a prompt refund, or does that process also entail waiting for months?

  • do it through your credit card or paypal, have heard from other users that it sets fanatec straigh a little and they usually do it in a timely manner when its through a bank or paypal notification that costumer wants a refund.

  • Hi, when I placed the order the podium hub was on pre-order for February 28, 2024, now it's April 11, I wanted to know if it will arrive soon or should I wait after April 11? I tried several times to contact customer service to find out whether I should take the pre-order into account when purchasing or not, but no response. The package must arrive in Italy. I would like to have an answer because I have to organize myself because I go away some days. Thank you

  • IfI've opened a despute with paypal just to be sure but this gives them another 7 days to respond before i can post a claim.

  • Update: Refund has been accepted by Fanatec and order has been cancelled.

    I still would really like the CSL DD F1 Esports Starter Kit for PC, but I'm a bit lost on which quick release set is compatible. Any suggestions or guidance on the bare minimum I need for it to work effectively? Specifically, I'm prompted for a QR2 upgrade wheel side and then a QR2 base side. Any help would be appreciated!

  • update: new order was placed yesterday and will arrive tomorrow got the UPS link even before status changed from handed to warehouse.

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