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I have tried to buy a wheel but i dont need a QR as i already bought a bundle with QR2. It is impossible to buy just the wheel on the website and if you just want the rubbish QR1 lite that i have no need for, this delays the order 6 weeks... can fanatec add NO QR to the order screen


  • I wish.

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    if you go to the wheel bundle page, you can press on the little icon bit lower down the screen of the wheel it self ( icon is located where they show the bundle pack ), from there you just order it. Even if you put the whole bundle in your cart you can just press "X" on the parts of the bundle you don't want and have JUST the wheel counted up. Bough 320mm alcantara ( 129 euros ) and classic v2 ( 129 euro ) wheels that way...

    Also yes, you can buy just the wheel it self, no QR or bundle nonsense.

  • That is fine if you only need the wheel itself.

    But if you need a way to attach it to the base, you will have to buy a hub along with it and that is where you get stuck being forced to order a QR with the hub..........

    You could always look for a used hub on ebay.

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    I understand I need a QR to connect it...but I already bought the QR2 upgrade for DD1 with base side and 2 QR2 wheelside... I put one on my McLaren wheel.. but want a second wheel for rallying so I don't want to pay 100 more for another QR2 ..I was looking at the Porsche wheel which is spendy enough at nearly 500 euro..but adding a QR 2 I dont need for 100 more or a free QR 1 lite that I won't use and will just delay delivery is madness

  • I am in a similar position, got the base side QR2 dead cheap on Black Friday, and ordered a bundle of 3 wheel side when they came back on sale. Just ordered a Universal hub to mount my real Sparco wheel. Did not need a QR, but have had to order with the free QR1. Initially it was sold out so only the option of paying for another QR2 or just waiting. Just recently the QR1 was back on back order, due in a few weeks, so still a bit of a wait. That said my QR2 wheel side adapters were on back order and I got those a few weeks early. So here's hoping.

  • I was VERY close to order a wheelbase and a Formula v2.5 wheel and already had it in my cart a couple of times and the mouse pointer over the "Order" button, but finally I did not do it because of those really, really shocking feedback about Fanatec everywhere. In my league (to me the most credible), in various sim racing forums and even here in this forum. Then I saw the interview with Thomas Jackermeier and it did not erase my skepticism - in contrary. I may be wrong, of course, but I am usually very good in reading people and I do not trust him.

    But still I decided to go for the Fanatec eco system and wanted to order - but now the QR1 is out of stock! So buying ANY wheel without QR2 is impossible. There is not even an approximate date when it will be available again, like with other items that are out of stock, but it just says "sold out". This is such an central and simple part of the whole eco system that it should NEVER be out of stock. I can only explain that like this: Fanatec want us to force to buy the COMPETELY OVERPRICED(!!!) Q2 parts. Sorry but those prices are just brazen!

    All in all I decided to enter the Moza eco system (and ordered just some minutes ago), as some in my league made the switch and are surprised by the quatlity and that there is even an EXISTING support. I really wanted to buy Fanatec stuff as I am based in Germany and of course wanted to support a german company instead of a chinese brand (I know that most of the stuf in Fanatec products comes from Asia, too ;-) ) And I like the look and feel of the Formula v2.5 much more that the Moza formula wheels.

    I really hope Fanatec will get their stuff together - maybe they just rested to long on their laurels of beeing the place-to-go for sim racing stuff. This is not the time to enter their eco system for me.

  • If Fanatec is interested in repairing their badly damaged customer relationships, this would be the easiest place to start. Have they ever heard that the customer is always right?

    They need to announce in the blog you have complete freedom to order with or without any QR of the buyer's choice.

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