Clubsport V2.5x still not send, want to cancel the order but I am unable to do so at the moment.

Hi guys, I am in a difficult situation right now, I bought the Clubsport V2.5X during Black Friday. At the time I needed a new steering wheel for my CSL Elite base as my old Wheel was worn down badly. Sadly whilst still waiting for the wheel to be delivered, the Base broke as well. My priority was to cancel the order and get the 25% discount (for example for the new bundle with the clubsport dd+). But the status of my order is in the status: " Handover to warehouse" so I can't cancel the wheel via the website and get the 25% discount. The original E-Mail has also gone missing. The support, which I contacted a month ago is not answering (or my account does not receive the E-Mail). I hope someone knows how I can cancel the order or get to contact with the support. I am driving with my old back up wheel currently, which not only costs me pace but also fun. I am waiting for months now and honestly I just want to get this situation resolved.

Kind regards.


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