F1 2023 Limited edition in control panel.


My F1 2023 appears as a Clubsport Formula V2 in fanatec control panel, i'm pretty sure, that ealier it appeared as F1 2023, am i wrong ?


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    I already gave you the answer under your Facebook post. See there.

    But to make things easier, here a copy-paste of that answer: It was for sure never ever shown as F1 2023 Limited Edition in Control Panel. Only in FanaLab you can choose between every Limited Edition wheel on your own (except the F1 2023 version, that one was not added to the alternative image selection as of now), in the control panel it's always shown as Red Formula v2 when not using APM and when using APM it's shown as the F1 2021 Limited Edition as that one has APM pre-installed. You cant change the image in Control Panel.

  • Ok thanks againg.I must be mistaken then :D

  • F1 Limited Edition wheel 2018~2023 (no 2022 release)

    And the winner is... F1 2021 Limited Edition!

    Best value >Fully equipped with PAPM

    Best color scheme >Neutral for all F1 constructors, Gold? Orange? Green? Please

    Oh yeah...glow in the dark

  • LOL perhaps I should have started a "Your favorite F1 Limited Edition" thread

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