Wheel not staying centered

My wheel is all of a sudden not staying centered now. I have a dd1 with qr2 pro base and wheel side. Everything is done properly. Three dots at top and the slits line up. Tightened properly etc. but the head of the shaft that the wheel actually connects into seems to be slightly spinning now. Almost as if that clamp isn’t doing its job. Anyone heard of this? What can I do? They don’t sell just the clamp if that’s the problem. Not sure if the fitment of the shaft is maybe not good? No matter what I do, as soon as the wheel has power and some force feedback, it makes the wheel shift and go off center and that’s that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    You are sure you have mounted the clamp in the correct orientation?

    Pictures will very likely help...

  • Yes. As stated, the three dots go across the top. The slits line up. Been fine for like 6 months. Last night it started slipping. Won’t stay centered. It’s torqued properly. So not sure what the problem is. Not sure if the tolerance of the shaft is off and is allowing for it to move or if the clamp is failing?

  • also this forum wont allow me to upload photos. ive tried several times and i just get error codes each time. so that's a pointless feature.

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    What happens is the wheel moves. So it will start centered and then as soon as there’s some force into the wheel, the wheel rotates and now the center is 30 degrees off center and the wheel is completely tilted thinking the center is now 30 degrees off. but if i keep driving and move the wheel around, itll move around back and forth from side to side. slipping slightly. sometimes it'll go really far in one direction and sometimes its very small slipping. but it's that head of the QR2 base side where the wheel cnnects to thats actually spinning. The actual connector where the wheel connects has slightly shifted and it’s not supposed to. So either the tolerance isn’t correct and it’s spinning inside there, or the clamp isn’t holding it tight enough or something. Hopefully that makes sense. If needed I can get video.

  • Make sure the clamp sits correct, this is not visible from your image. Not.always the three holes need to be on the top. Important is that the clamp is installed that the clamping force is working correct by applying the pressure on the correct point, explained in the manual. This correct point is not always on the top, it is where the gap of the steering axis is.

  • Well the can you explain how to get a photo that would show you if it’s seated properly then? Because he followed the video exactly and there is no other way for this to sit on there if you want it to sit flush against the connector and those slits. There’s really only one way.

  • Here’s some closer pictures


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    Is it my eyes because the QR2 stem looks larger in diameter than the base? Like the two base "fingers" are pinched INSIDE the QR2 stem. How can that be?

  • to you calibrate correctly?

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