DDpro Gran Turismo driver 452

my fanatec driver is 455, but i only use PS5 and Gran Turismo7, Why did the update software install 455 instead of 452. Is this a problem? And i got knocking noise, what to do? And serial number cant register, why?


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    452 was the worst driver ever released, be happy that you installed 455 and not 452.

  • Then the driver is all good. What about the knocking noise, I bought in 15.12.2023 from fanatec.com and got in middle of januar. No damage i can see. What to do? Upgrade parts? what do i need if i want to buy gt3 steering wheel?

  • Thats a known issue of the plastic QR1 Lite.

    You would need to upgrade to QR1 Metal (sold out atm I think) or QR2.

    You can also put some tape over the QR shaft...

  • Hvorfor godtar ikke jemmesida produktregistrering.

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