Instant loss of ffb, comes back after 3 seconds slowly. CSW v2.5 + CSL universal hub

CSW v2.5 + CSL universal hub. wheelbase firmware: 963 wheel base motor firmware: 22 steering wheel firmware: 8. the first 6 hours of use when i got it i didnt have any issues but on my 3rd day within 10 minutes of use the ffb drops completely mid drift and causes me to spin out then comes back slowly in 2 seconds or so. ive tried down grading fanatec software and drivers, switched from usb 3.0 to 2.0 port with same issue. the fan kicks on and the casing doesnt feel hot at all so i doubt its over heating. Bought them used so no chance to rma even so rma would cost more than what i have into this setup. Thanks for any help and suggestions.


  • You have clipping!

    Set the forces in fanatec software to 100% but the gain in game to 50-70 so you will not have problems

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