CSLUniversal Hub V2 Buttons not working

Hello Community,

I recently bought the CSL Universal Hub V2 for other racing games or for Simulator like Euro Truck Sim 2.

But after reciving my package, I tried to play but some buttons are not working at all.

The left downshift button is not working

The left arrow button is not working

The right stick which you can push up and down, only when I pushit up, it works.

the 7 direction button on the right side which you can push up, down left and right, push in and turn right or left.

Only the turn left and right function is working.

I tried reinstalling everything.

I checked if 100 times If I did everything the manual says and it does.

My F1 wheel is just working fine.

I already contacted the Fanatec support on early this week, but still no answer.


  • Its broken. Just wait for an answer of the support which currently can take some weeks.

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